1. I’m exhausted Wayney, so many times I’ve felt like chucking in the towel. I’ve had so many problems, forgotten ingredients, no ingredients in the shops, couldn’t thread a sowing machine, my sugar crystals don’t seem to be working, I boiled the food colouring in the sugar and it boiled clear, it’s cost me a fortune, I’m running out of time, the wooden base wouldn’t fit in the car, wickes don’t offer a cutting service, I glued my material on back to front. I’m tired and I just want to go to bed. It had better be the result fitting to my requirements or I’m seriously going to throw my teddies in front if my car 😳 xx


      1. Good grief ! What the hell are you building woman!?! 🙂 Whatever it is, it’s going to look fantastic. No one does it like you my lovely!

        If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t even started any of my two final projects. I’ve only bought one of the components this afternoon! I’m seriously behind schedule. But I’ve stopped stressing about it. I’m just going to get it done when I can.



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