Winter Wonderland part II

I was more nervous for this shoot than I have been for any shoot so far on this magical photography journey. Why, I have no idea, I was shooting my kids in a familiar setting, I had planned my 2 light set up and I was fully on top of making costumes. I had planned everything down to packing the glue gun should anything spring apart or drop off. This didn’t stop the anxiety levels shooting through the roof.

I’d cleared it with my boys head teacher for them to have the day off and got them all up and ready as normal. I took my eldest to have his haircut and then it was off to pick up blue and glitter hair spray, false nails and silver mascara.

When we got home I began the task of applying “elf” looking makeup to two of my boys faces and plaiting the hair of one to match that of Legolas from Lord of the Rings.



The mak



The makeup was much more of a challenge trying to find something that had cool tones but didn’t end up looking fairy like. Having done quite a bit if research I settled for the concept below but changed the colours to suit my shoot.




Considering how nervous I was, and how stressed I ended up being during the whole shoot, I am really pleased with the images. Even if the images don’t merge into my overall final concept, I have to say I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
Given that this was a huge task that I set myself and all of the pitfalls I have over come and the stupid time of year I chose to undertake such a concept, I have finally been beaten into submission and if it doesn’t work well I will enjoy the parts that do and move on to my next project. It’s my project and I’m too tired to care!!


After all the written work is completed I will add my final images that will either wow you or ‘what ever’! you.

Happy New Year!!


  1. Wow! I absolutely love this, the thought and effort is really shown in that final image. The detail in his eyes are amazing. Seriously you should stop being so nervous in the studio as your work always seems to be brilliant! Should be proud of you self Debs!


    1. Aww thank you so much Skye those are really kind words and I only wish I knew how to switch it off. The images I’ve posted on here are just the ones I took with my phone, I haven’t even edited the final images yet. 😊


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