Goth Fairy Rocks Christmas!

This assignment almost broke me! The task was to organise and manage two different shoots choosing from three different themes, Fashion, Portraiture, Food/Still Life. If you have been following my progress you will see that I chose an elaborate foodscape which consisted of two shoots. This swallowed up all of my spare time and I am still in the process of editing the images (but I’ll save that story for that post). During all of the planning, designing, cooking, sewing and what nots, I was also researching and planning for this shoot. It started off as a concept for an album cover which over time developed into a fashion shoot which then finally became a fashion/portraiture shoot.

I felt somewhat unprepared on the day of my shoot, I knew in my head and on paper what I wanted to achieve but translating that into a photograph was a different story. I had focused on fashion with a Gothic, romantic feel, bringing 90’s Gothic, grunge up to date. As it was Christmas, dresses and party wear was what I was interested in and having researched fashion on the catwalk and high street, I began to pull a few ideas together.

My final results developed further, catering for the clothing, make-up and hair and although they lack romance they offer bags of sparkle and glitter with a Gothic twist, just what you need at Christmas – A Gothic fairy to rock any party!

A big thank you to my model Talia White and make-up artist Catherine Boorer who were completely amazing on the shoot making my life simple!

I hope you enjoy them and I will leave you with a poem.

Goth Fairy Rocks Christmas

Enigma will steal your heart, as she walks through the club.

Locking it tightly in her mirror ball.

Reflecting your soul in to her eyes, she’ll decide your fate evermore.

If you are good a prayer may be answered, with a sprinkle of her magic and glitter.

But if you are bad, a waft of her feather will leave you broken and bitter.

By Alienfunk


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