Quacking Day


I had the wonderful opportunity to help photograph the Smethwick Community Duck Race on behalf of the Ikon Gallery, Canal and River Trust and Birmingham Canal Navigation Society. The event was held to raise funds for the three organisations and involved sponsoring and decorating little yellow plastic ducks which were then raced down the canal between two locks.

Despite the early morning showers the skies cleared for what turned out to be a very sunny but windy day. Fortunately the wind was favourable to the direction of the race, supported by an array of canoeists directing the ducks to the finish line. It was a good turn out with families travelling from all around the Midlands to participate in this fun packed event.

Although my images are not presented here, in the conventional standard, style of event photography. What I have tried to show through the colours and tones of my images is the warmth of the day and between participants and by using a vintage look it shows the historical importance that our Midland canals possess.

So why don’t you take a duck and see what you think!


1 Comment

  1. Once again the originality of your mind shines through your images.These images are so close and personal, they make me feel as though I am in the moment and wish I had been there. My favourite is Image 4. It speaks of the pure essence contained in a child’s mind, a purity that we as adults can never have. I adore the vintage tones and the borders you have used. Im not surprised the IKON has come a calling!!! Well done debs.


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