May Day, Dance of the Spirits

For my night photography project I was torn between many ideas but finally decided to capture the night from my world, as I see it. Not the scary place from nightmares or places of reality but a place of beauty and mystery.

As a mother of three children much of my life is surrounded by stories of fantasy and as a mother I am naturally protective of my children and want them to feel safe and protected. Night time can be a scary place for a child and to comfort them when they fear strange noises I have told them stories of how the trees within our garden are guardians and strive to protect us. With such a large garden with many large trees it is a place of sanctuary a place of life and death and a continuous cycle of nature.

As an Atheist, to me, god doesn’t exist, but this doesn’t mean that I am without my own beliefs and being a very spiritual person I feel that one life leads to another. We not only give life while we are alive but we also give life upon our death. Not a clinical process but a beautiful one, each one of our tiny cells making way for new beginnings.

Depending on your culture is very significant in the way death is perceived, viewed and talked about. In my culture it is very much a taboo subject, considered morbid and brushed under the carpet.

What I wanted to capture was a metaphor of death, like the celebrating of the coming of spring, the beginning of new life, that nourishment of the earth, what goes on all around us that we don’t see, kind of like what happens when we are asleep. The imagination of a child, things coming alive when you close your eyes at night.

I chose to shoot in digital, it was more convenient to do so and I had more control over the final images which I have converted to black and white using a pinhole filter to add a vintage, grainy look. By choosing this style of image I feel it shows both sides of night time, the wonder of it and the beauty but also capturing the essence of our heightened perceptions. The message can be viewed in many ways depending on your own experiences with the dark and night, these can be both positive or negative.

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